Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mama's Leaving...


Take my love with you,

Hide me in your heart,

Speak about me in your coming rendezvous


Write me a letter,

I hope you were happy,

I hope I made some dreams come true,

As you did mine,

I have my moments with you,

So many


Your silhouette is disappearing,

My throat bulges,

I cry,

Our destines are separate,

But they will intersect,

We are not parallel rays

But stars in the same whirlpooling spiral,

With time,

We will separate no more

Bring that moment forward,

Let it be today,

Let it be now...

Please don't go...

I can’t say Goodbye,

Hide me in your heart,

Stuff me in your suitcase,

Please take me with you…

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