Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ode to Stereo

Music is the air I breathe, the feelings that run in my veins, the hum of my commute, the vibration of my soul... Ah music, once, in one of my phases, I eluded you for months; and it is only now, today, this moment, when you surround my solitary dinner, in my living room, by the candles, you bond to the morsels i eat, you flow in my arteries, you nourish me, and tell me, you belong in my every moment; through joy, sorrow, elation or tears, you keep my hopes and dreams alive.

One twentieth of my tangible existence; yet you take away a quarter of my nourishment, ah you, my idle mind, this harmony is my existence's gift to you...

Please sing Bhuwan, sing to Tripti, tell her how deep your love is, deeper than the oceans, and Tripti will imagine it, nevermind the sight of the ocean has eluded her this life; she will know from your melody. Your tunes decorate all my moments Lennon, I imagine, when I'm running through strawberry fields forever, or helter skelter... eight days a week, even as I'm turned away from doors with no reply, or sauntering through long and winding roads, in my life, your melody remains with me...

How do I pay homage to a universal language, one that accompanies my most precious and vulnerable moments, how do i say thank you, to all you instrument bearers, to you voices, you melodious souls; you paint all depictions of my dreams, of hope, of affection, even dejection, and pain.

You belong to the universe, and my mind, my heart, my existence, is but a small proof to your omnipresence - is that what God's gifts are like?

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